Particular pattern in menstrual period even when length and total bleeding are irregular

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Particular pattern in menstrual period even when length and total bleeding are irregular

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I notice whenever I have a period light or heavy, long or short that it follows a characteristic pattern of the amount of bleeding.

For 5 day menstrual periods(5 days is average length although I have had periods as long as 8 days) which are sometimes followed by spotting for 2 days I have 3 phases.

There is the light phase which is when I get menstrual cramps and this lasts for 1.5 days on average. The blood is at this point mainly coming from branches of the uterine artery and capillaries and so is oxygenated.

There is the heavy phase when sometimes even when I take a magnesium supplement I still don't have a bowel movement(However because of the magnesium it doesn't harden much). This lasts about 2 days. At this point I see more venous blood and it is dark red. For longer menstrual periods this is the phase that is lengthened the most.

There is the very light phase which also lasts about 2 days. I sometimes get pain similar to ovulation pain a few days after this very light phase. Here I notice more brown blood changing to green blood over time from the breakdown of carboxyhemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin.

Sometimes this is followed by vaginal bleeding that unless I am urinating I don't see much of. If this happens once again the blood is oxygenated.

Why do I see this particular pattern of light, heavy, very light and when periods are light or heavy I see the same proportions, just at a different magnitude? Could this be due to the small rise and fall of estrogen that happens in the middle of period telling the brain to produce more FSH and LH for oogenisis to occur(Since inhibin doesn't rise all that much estrogen stimulates oogenisis) and that in turn telling the uterus "We have to get rid of this old endometrium at a faster pace"?
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