Women And Weights

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Re: Women And Weights

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You know I think it is funny you all are hating on Barbie. I always loved her as a child. I always thought she was inspiring and I would make up how I wanted to be when I grew up based on games I played out with barbie dolls. It had nothing to do with how she looked. I knew she was just a doll. Kids don't pay attention to odd proportions like that. I thought she was a good role model because she was independent and smart and could do whatever she wanted. Sure she was kinda funny-looking and had a weird family, but she never let it get her down! Then again, when I was a kid, I also had Xena warrior princess to aspire to.
Now I flip through fitness and bodybuilder mags and feel much the same way as I did playing barbies as a kid. These women are inspiring because they may not be shaped how people say a woman should be realistically, or to be attractive. But these women don't care because they care about themselves. They are hardworkers who take pride in what they do and don't care what some idiot says, just like Barbie.
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Re: Women And Weights

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These are very interesting facts. Women are still a lot luckier, I should say.
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