Few quesions abouot losing weight

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Few quesions abouot losing weight

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I've got few unanswered questions about losing weight.

Since I gained in last few years around 15 kg, I'm willing to lose it. 90% of that body fat came from eating sweeties and drinks. I'm not really interested into eating a lot of food and too often. I can really easily stay away from a food (thanks God). Now questions are:

1) currently I'm already jogging 2-3 times a week for about a month and half, maybe two already. Usually I jog for about 30 mins (medium speed) and it's about 2,5-3 km (1.5-2 miles). After jogging I'm avoiding eating until next day. Is that enough or I should increase it?

2) I read that eating whole day once a while it's good for losing weight (once in a week or in 10 days). Whats your opinion about it? Is it good or it will slow down metabolism? Should I do it and to not slow down metabolism jog that day for a bit shorter, lets say 10-15 mins?

Thank you all in advance
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Re: Few quesions abouot losing weight

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Hi Min, good to talk to you.

I need to ask a few questions in order to understand what you are doing.

What foods do you eat and what times do you eat those foods?

What time of day do you jog?

What do you mean by eating whole day?
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