Weight training and Fat loss

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Weight training and Fat loss

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I’m literally at a cross roads and don’t know if weight training will make me ‘bulk’ with the body fat that I currently own or will I lose it if I start weight training? I’m 67kg (and most of it is fat) and 5ft3’. I’ve tried cardio in the past with a healthy and balanced diet - didn’t work, :( I’ve even done ketosis in the mornings at the gym but it was a short lived experience due to getting a new job the requires me to travel early hours of the morning Monday to Friday. I have found ZERO on this on every blog, forum, news feed, etc that I’ve looked at! I need someone to answer this please! HELP MEEEEE! :cry: :cry:
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Re: Weight training and Fat loss

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Hi Cheekz, good to talk to you.

Training on empty / fasted exercise is not a good idea, as it can reduce peoples energy levels thus affecting workouts and also it has been linked by a former member here who was was a PT at the time to dizzy spells with clients she trained.

Plus why do blood sugar lowering things when blood sugar is already low after hours of fasting, it isn't logical, at the very least some protein content would spare possible muscle loss from cardio and carbs would fuel the brain, provide added energy and help to manage your blood sugar levels whilst exercising and give you some provision to start raising blood sugar and muscle glycogen levels post-workout, providing the carbs were complex, as simple carbs interact with blood sugar levels, but don't make much impact on muscle glycogen, but complex carbs impact on both, albeit they are less reactive to blood sugar because simple get into the bloodstream at a rate of 30 calories per minute, but complex are only 2 calories per minute.

Weight training is beneficial for weight loss, as you can burn around 45-50 additional calories for every 1lb of muscle you gain, but if you want to lose fat of course diet is the key factor, because you'd lose more eating properly with none or crappy exercise, compared to having a good weights and cardio system, backed up by a crappy diet.

So a good training regime and diet are ideal bedfellows :).

I assume, but correct me if I'm wrong, that you are female; in which case females don't "bulk" as you put it, as that is relative to diet also and even if a person with a good base level of acquired strength consumed 4,000+ calories a day and took steroids, they wouldn't become bulky as such just muscular, so any musculature you get as result of diet and training, would be controlled in part by the foods and quantities you consumed on a daily basis.
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