Melting the fat

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Melting the fat

Post by almostgone »

First all I compliment all of you in this forum for all the amazing article that have been published here. I have been educated about a lot of subjects that I formerly was not aware of. concern is weight loss and being middle aged now, I look for help in a product that would help me control weight, mainly around middle and chest area. I have really enjoyed all that I have read and look forward to reading some more great articles that have been written here.
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Re: Melting the fat

Post by made4u »

Hey there almostgone,

I noticed your post and saw that you too like myself are middle aged.
I have noticed the older I have gotten the harder it is to get the stubborn fat and weight off,especially in that midsection.
I have always been told that your metabolism slows down as you age but now I believe it.
I agree that there needs to be something that will help.I have tried some different things
that have helped to some degree with weight. One thing was called the Food Lovers Diet.Another was Nutrisystem.
But even with these it seems the fat still hangs around.
That is why I have been interested in something to help me lose fat.
I have a few places I have found that I think that might help, but wanted someone else age to let me know what they think too.
If you are interested,give me a reply and I will let you know where they are.

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