Skinny Fat trying to lose body fat

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Skinny Fat trying to lose body fat

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I'm 31 175 lbs 5ft 9 and 20% body fat. Attached is some pictures of figure . I have a very hard time cutting and losing body fat . I have tried keto diets , intermittent fasting and still have had not much luck losing weight/ body fat. I'm Indian and I feel like genetics holding me back. I dont expect to have a 6 pack but just want to get more tone . I lift 2-3 times a week , eat healthy for the most part . Fatigue is a issue for me as I cant handle HIIT well. 2 years ago I had gyno surgery because I was diagnosed with gynocamaestia and still feel like I have the same chest fat issue. I have gone through multiple follow ups with surgeon and he says I dont have gyno anymore just loose skin. Can anyone advise any good easy to follow plan I need to get on to start cutting body fat that's worked for them? Does anyone have this similar figure and can share how they improved? ideal goal would be 160-165 12-15% body fat. Below are the pics. Appreciate the advice !
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Re: Skinny Fat trying to lose body fat

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Hi ab102 good to speak to you.

The first thing to look at would be how you eat, so what times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at those times?
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