Need help toning up the stomach area

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Need help toning up the stomach area

Post by Time4Changes »

I'm a 26 year old who dropped from 12 stone to 10 stone around about 12 months ago doing 1 hour cardio exercises per day for 4 to 5 months straight, mid way through I did try to introduce a tiny little bit of weight lifting but stopped the second I noticed unsightly stretch marks on arms.

Since I'm 5 feet 6 inches a shorty :/ 10 stone was fine, I met ideal goal and stopped. continued eating healthily then started a new manual job which requires moving around all day at a quickish pace so in order to not lose weight and maintain I began eating junk food again. This is the only way I seem to be able to maintain that 10 stone... The second I try to lower calorie intake, eat healthier the weight on the scales dramatically drops to the low 9's seriously, 9's is way too low, even 10 is cutting it fine.

I have recently come across some articles that mention to lose body fat I must eat at a calorie deficit, how am I able to achieve this with the job I do? I am already at a normal weight but could still do with toning stomach up, still quite a bit of flab there. I am going away in 12 weeks so would like to tone up the best I can. Eating healthily, working all day and introducing some resistance training just doesn't seem to cut it as I tend to lose too much weight. job is quite demanding as most manual jobs are so it's immensely difficult to find a balance.
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Re: Need help toning up the stomach area

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Hi Time4changes, good to speak to you.

I would say go back to the weight lifting, but try a diet consisting of this macro-nutrient range.

Protein 40%

Carbs 30%

Fat 30%

Aim for around 2,500 calories a day and see how you get on for the next 2 months at least.

You could go for a 3 day TBT program focusing on all the main body parts and then intersperse some cardio into the mix a couple of times a week for around 20-30 minutes.

So your schedule would look something like this.

Day 1. Weights

Day 2. Cardio

Day 3. Weights

Day 4. Day off

Day 5. Cardio

Day 6. Weights

Day 7. Day off.
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Re: Need help toning up the stomach area

Post by ChampionRising89 »

Boss Man is spot on, and I'd add some isolate abs exercises to your routine as well: toes-to-bar leg raises and work out using a ab wheel roll.
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