Weight Management Tips

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Weight Management Tips

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Hi there! I am currently in the progress of trying to bulk up and gain weight and I am trying to do it the right way and eat well and lift weights. I am currently about 5’11’’ and 160 lbs. I want to bulk up and at the same time maintain a slender and muscular frame. I have been gaining weight and feel like a lot of it has been going to midsection specifically stomach. I want to bulk up but not give myself a gut. I have been lifting but not doing so much cardio in an attempt to gain weight. Basically I want to have a shredded six pack and bulk up. Do you guys have any suggestions and tips to help me do that? I would also like some suggestions for ways to bulk up. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Weight Management Tips

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Hi Njohnson, good to talk to you.

What times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at hose times?

What kind of weight training do you do in terms of reps, sets, exercises and what days do you do it on and the same question applies to any cardio.
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