Keep Cutting or Start Bulking

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Keep Cutting or Start Bulking

Post by avelli »

A month ago I started out at 85KG then lost about 5KG through Cardio & sticking to machine weights. Now would like to start doing the Big 3 exercises:

Is this a suitable plan to follow?

Day 1 - Bench Press, Chest Fly & Push-ups
Day 2 - Deadlift, Military Press & Pull Ups
Day 3- Squats, Leg Press & Calf Raises
Day 4- Rest
Go Again

Thanks so much for you input and advice in advance.
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Re: Keep Cutting or Start Bulking

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Avelli, good to speak to you.

personally military press is going to utilise a bit too much chest, so I'd switch it to something else like cleans as an example to work the upper back.

Also Leg Press could be a bit much with squats for legs as it is a good all rounder, whereas squats mostly target the quads, so you'd be doing too much quad work I feel, so I'd switch leg press for something like lunges or hamstring curls as examples.
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