Currently 250lb

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Currently 250lb

Post by fatpaul »

I am not really sure what I want to find out here, maybe just some reassurance!

I am 32 years old, , and weigh exactly 250lb (113.5kg) as of today.
I want to (and WILL!) lose weight. I have a goal of 195lb (88.5kg).

I know what to do from a food point of view, it's just a matter of sticking to it. I've had a lot of education over the last few years about this.

I have started doing some exercise in the gym, cardio for now, I will make the shift to some weight training after a few weeks.
I know some people insist I should use weights now, build muscle mass, burn more energy even at rest, raise metabolism etc. I will get to this, but for now just doing cardio.

I have only managed approx 15 minutes on a treadmill at 5mph (8kph) and about 5 minutes, climbing 15 floors on a stair walk machine, for the last 3 mornings.

At the time I finish this, I am glistening in sweat, out of breath any heart feels like it's about to burst out chest (I don't know how accurate the equipment is, but it reads at 175 bpm by the time I finish).

I guess question is, is this a good start, and should I power through and persist, make slow gains, gradually add time, or should I be doing different exercises as well? I will be limited to 45 mins a morning total due to work etc.
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Re: Currently 250lb

Post by Boss Man »

Hi FatPaul good to talk to you.

Personally I would go for whatever intensity you can realistically manage right now, but if it starts to feel a bit too much, slow the intensity of the equipment down a bit.

Over time, like say every 1-2 weeks, increase the intensity or duration of the current intensity if you like, but I would say you don't need to exceed more than 30 minutes 3 times a week of gym based cardio. so you could either get a gym instructor to supplement your current efforts with weights or alternatively you could supplement the cardio with some walking 2-3 days a week or around 20 minutes on days when you're not working out.
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