Weight loss vs. Acceptance

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Weight loss vs. Acceptance

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Im currently 140lb at 5'7" - healthy bmi, good muscle tone, i work out about 45 minutes 6 days per week and am otherwise active. I have had 4 children and have lost 40+ lbs on 2 different occasions. 140lbs was goal, and now that ive reached that, I am still unhappy with the way i look. Will losing another 10-15 lbs help with upper thigh and tummy areas or should I just resign myself to this bod? Would a trainer help? Sorry if tmi
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Re: Weight loss vs. Acceptance

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Hi Getafterit, good to talk to you.

Therre may be ways to lose a bit a more weight for sure, so you don't necessarily have to put up with the way you look for ever.

What times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at those times?
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