daily struggle.

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daily struggle.

Post by Doogal »

sure its such a cliche' to emphasize that losing weight is a constant struggle. We all have a hard time getting rid of the things we enjoy... thats why i am here typing this post because to be honest, not to many people around me are motivated to work out and lose weight and be healthy like i am.. so their energy rubs off on me and makes me not want to work that hard... sure i should just be focused on me but its hard when your the only one doing it around you... things are much easier when you have someone else doing it with you.... another reason why i am here typing this.. because i am not the only one here...
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Re: daily struggle.

Post by ChristinaV »

Hi! I do agree that maintaining your weight and physical condition is an everyday struggle. But I also feel that a healthy lifestyle is kind of a habit that you get used to. Once you "train" yourself to eat healthy and work out regularly you cannot really turn into a coach potato who is eating junk food everyday. We all do it sometimes and I think it is totally normal but not on a daily basis. I understand that it is better to have someone with a similar mentality towards their lifestyle but I do not think that anyone should be socially banned because of it. I think that nowadays there are healthy choices in every restaurant's menu and above all keeping a balance is the ultimate secret for me. So I guess no one really needs a fitness partner, we can take care of ourselves on our own. :D
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Re: daily struggle.

Post by Gyles4 »

hey what do you suggest for a newbie to maintain his/her good health? Actually, I am a newbie and trying to keep health and fitness well.
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Re: daily struggle.

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Better eating and some exercise.

That's the generic overview, but in reality it's a bit more involved than that without being too overwhelming. It just depends on where you want to start, in relation to what you're currently doing.
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Re: daily struggle.

Post by crispybusiness15 »

As they say CONSISTENCY pays off in the end. you have to work hard as it takes time to shed the pounds as they say.
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