Experience with dermarollers?

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Experience with dermarollers?

Post by j814wong »

Does anyone have any expereince with dermarollers which supposedly can help reduce acne scars? They are rollers with needles on them ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm and even 2 mm though rarely.

Supposedly, the needles create tiny wounds that arae seperate that, when they heal, will former random pattern of collegen fibers that do not align parallel to each other as in scars. Because the tiny wounds are seperate separate, they do not align with each other as they do in scars. Then those tiny wounds form tiny scars that are quicker to fade than large scars.

To the medical students or doctors out there, is the alignment of the collagen in scars purely arbitrary? Just curious about this.
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Re: Experience with dermarollers?

Post by stellamandy96 »

I don’t have any idea about this process but I did a lot of workouts for scar treatment, but I didn't have any improvement on those then I tried NewGel+ Gel, and it really worked for scars. I purchased it from .com.au/.

I hope it may be useful to you.
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Re: Experience with dermarollers?

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I have heard of this before, but don't know much about it, except that it does try to encourage more collagen introduction to scarred areas, to try and reduce the scarring visibility.

Essentially however, this is what you just said.

Have you considered stuff like cocoa butter or bio-oil.
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