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Post by azzistrength99 »

I don't have bad skin, just an occasional zit, but I do have blackheads! They are only on nose, and strangely enough, I htink they are worse in the winter...
Does anyone have a solution or face wash that wont dry skin out that treats blackheads and actually works?
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Post by xnycxmiax »

I know this is a late post but I'm new here. I read the Topic and I wanted to share how I have gotten rid off mine.
TOMATO! Weird, yes! but it really works!
This is what do
(Before anything I cut a tomato into about four pieces vertically, only need one piece and you can store the rest in a ziplock or something for your next use. You also need a cloth or like a bounty paper towel)

-make sure your face is clean first, so wash your face with what ever cleanser you have.
- let the faucet run really warm to almost hott water, soak the cloth and apply to face. I do this for about a min (you want your pores to open up with the steam)
-then you take the tomato on rub it on your problem areas (I just do whole face because I just love how face feels afterwards)
- you have to let the tomato set and dry on your face for about 30-45mins (kinda like a mask)
- then I let the warm/hot water run again soak cloth once again and remove the tomato using circular motions. On the areas with blacks heads you need to gently squeeze w/ cloth and warm/hot water to push out black heads.
Becareful when you squeeze. Don't be rough because you can bruise your skin.

Now I recommend to do this everyday for a week then you can maybe do it 3 to 2 times a week.

I got this home remedy from mom..she use to have a lot of blackheads on her nose and then one day I realize they were gone!! I asked if she had gotten a facial? Her response was "no, I just been rubbing tomato on face. I saw it on one of those beauty shows on t.v.."

I was amazed! Of course I had to try and sure enough by week two I had ZERO blackheads I was going around saying "look at nose! Doesn't it look pretty!" Lol

Sorry for the long reply!! Hope that helps. I also recommend always wearing a good moisturizer and st. Ives exfoliating products are great too incase the tomato is something you wouldn't do.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by anne_lee »

I rub tomatoe in nose as well as calamansi.
They are good for me.. but it goes natural..

and not expensive as well..
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Re: Blackheads

Post by lizagill »

Large pores on facial skin treated with paste of sandalwood powder with black gram. Keep it overnight and wash it with cold water the next day. Make a sandalwood paste with rose water and apply on the scars. Keep it overnight and wash it with cold water the next day. If you find that your skin becomes dry in the morning, you leave it only for a few hours on your face or you may try adding some milk while making paste. Rub ice cubes on the face for 10-15 minutes. It will tighten the pores. Apply cucumber juice on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. It will tighten the pores. Cut the tomato in half and rub on the skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with water. This will reduce open pores and blackheads.
Hope I have helped you..
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Re: Blackheads

Post by cycler234 »

elmer's glue also works. just leave a thin film around your nose or wherever you have blackheads and leave it to dry for like 10 mins or so. Then peel it off and trust me, it works! I've tried this myself and it really does work. Also, it won't clog or do any damages to your skin. It's cheap and you won't have to spend so much money on buying those strips. Try it out!
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Re: Blackheads

Post by meaok77 »

You might have an item in your bathroom you can use for the blackheads. If you don't want to buy a blackhead remover tool, use a bobby pin. Yup, a bobby pin. I read about it online and tried it and it works. What you do is after you've steamed your face, to open the pores, you take the looped end of the bobby pin and drag it across the area in a back and forth direction where the blackheads are. They pop right out. Then wash your face and use toner.

I might try the tomato trick as well. Never heard of that one.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by LINEBECK »

Biore Pore Pack :mrgreen:
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Re: Blackheads

Post by zzang »

Unflavored gelatin and milk mixed together and heated up for about 10 seconds in the microwave also works wonders. All you have to do is take a brush and glaze it over the blackhead area, wait about 20-30 minutes for it to dry and peel it off. The first time I did it it was so cool but gross because you can see all the sebum/dirt on the dried mixture when you peeled it off. It smells kind of bad, but it won't kill you.
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Post by Elliptical206 »

amatlack wrote:If your skin is worse in winter, you need a nightly moisturizer. I thought it was kind of backwards since oil creates bad skin for me, but it cleared problem areas right up.

I use this: silver/Burts-Bees-Dr-Burts-Herbal-Blemish-Stick
which drys skin out a bit, so in the winter only, I follow it up with this:" onclick=";return false; ... am-Organic

And in terms of blackheads, this clears mine right up:" onclick=";return false;

(I also don't put many chemicals and parabens and whatnot on skin, so these are more natural products.)

You are hero! Burt's Bees is amazing! Azzi, I would take this advice and use the Burt's Bees in conjunction with some sort of moisturizer for the winter months the avoid excessively dry skin. Also, if the blackheads are really bothering you they do make those strips that you can just rip those little suckers right out of their pores. That's if you are in to that kind of thing.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by maritacatrina »

I am SO trying that tomato thing! And the bobby pin!
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Re: Blackheads

Post by Morningwalker »

Homemade scruber or any scrub form market is good for blackhead remover. Love to care face and body.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by Trish0102 »

I constantly wash face with milk. Tomatoes are useful too.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by stellamandy96 »

It is best to follow the home remedies to remove the blackheads and it is safe for skin.

Blackheads Tips:
Spreading honey on face can be beneficial to clear blackheads.

Mix well honey with crushed almonds and apply on face. This homemade face mask will clean up your skin drawing out impurities and also help to get rid of blackheads.
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Re: Blackheads

Post by Nutterlie22 »

Biore pore patches for nose wet nose peel off strip press onto skin making sure it sticks well and into the corners. It dries solid in about 15 mins then peel slowly off from bottom corners of below nostrils and you wouldn't believe what comes out and how deep they were when you hold it up to the light. They stay clear for ages
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