facial acne

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facial acne

Post by dontwanttogo »

I have a somehow bad case of acne. It’s frustrating and very red than everyone else’s. I wear a cover makeup and tried many products with no luck. What has worked for you? Thanks.
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Post by SimplyBlessed »

Let me share some tips I have learned over the years.

#1 Never wash your face with a washcloth

#2 Never use body bar soap on your face

#3 Wash your hands before you wash your face- and several times a day. Try to avoid touching your face so that you don't transfer bacteria from your hands to your face.

#4 ProActiv does not work long term- it might work when you start using it but as soon as you stop your face will get worse.

#5 Peanuts and dairy products will cause inflammation of your acne- try drinking organic milk to minimize consumption of additional hormones and limit yourself to one to two servings per day.

#6 Use a seperate towel to dry your face than you use to dry your body, only pat your face dry don't rub it

#7 Always use an oil free non comedogenic (spell check?) moisturizer with sun screen- apply it after you've washed your face and your face is completely dry. Make sure your hands are clean when you apply it.

#8 Keep your pillow cases clean, we put lots of conditioners and styling products in our hair that get into our pillow cases as we sleep then it rubs on our faces

If you want more tips or recipes for home made washes check out www.acne.org I know it's a touchy subject but you can beat it!
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Post by loveyoulately »

I was face at least twice a day and thoroughly but not too hard. I apply this cleocin-t gel (derm-prescribed and available on any pharmacy) then I drink a lot of water, keep a healthy diet and get enough rest. That, so far, helped me get an acne-free face.
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Post by Nokie173 »

Also, try not to wear too much make up to cover it.
It in fact will irritate it and makes it worse!
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Re: facial acne

Post by SSotirov »

your diet and lifestyle are also very important when it comes to acne. Are you smoking, drinking or taking drugs?

Also your diet is very important. The Perricone diet is one that will help you have a food plan that is healthy for your skin. The 4 key elements in it are: eat foods high on protein, don't avoid fats, lessen the intake of carbs and sugar and drink as much water as you can.

One more thing that might be affecting your skin health is tap water. Drinking and bathing with tap water have more acne cause its chlorinated. Chlorinated water destroys polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, this causes damaged skin tissue and acne breakouts.

There are a bunch of things you can do to prevent and treat acne. Just think about your lifestyle and diet maybe thats a good place to start. For more tips on preventing acne you can visit: acne prevention
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