Create, Share, Complete (Improving on the traditional Journal)

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Create, Share, Complete (Improving on the traditional Journal)

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Hey peeps, firstly I just got to say this forum is doing real work and I love the progress people are making.
Secondly, I've pm' bossman and he was very gracious to allow this post to be posted.

Without further bullshit I'm a uni student who loves sports and fitness. I recognized myself lacking motivation for completing workouts consistently and sought ways of overcoming it.

So, I figured I would come up with this website much like keeping a journal. It would be beneficial to users who are keen on creating a timeline of dates with their workouts planned on each date (be it daily, weekly or monthly or yearly). Then the users can choose to share it with friends or family keen on supporting their timeline of workouts.

The link is .
I named it this way as with every workout finished, a torch will light up and followers will be notified of their progress.

I do hope you give it a shot as I think it would be truly beneficial to keep your motivation going among other things.

Much love and all the best in everything. :clap:
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