Pulls ups for someone tall

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Pulls ups for someone tall

Post by Adan1907 »

Hi all, I train fairly regularly (3 times per week) but really struggle with pull ups and chin ups. I'm 6"4 (193cm) tall and weigh 106kg. I'll openly admit I am fairly weak for size, and struggle with a lot of body weight exercises, but pull ups is the exercise I really want to nail. I know it shouldn't be an issue but there is a bit of embarassment at not being able to perform the exercise, so I kind of avoid it in the gym especially as I'm not sure what I can do to make improvements. I can reach the bars in gym with feet flat on the ground, so it leaves me with less room to work with. I thought about getting a pull up bar at home to help but I'm renting so can't damage any door frames, and the place is fairly open-plan so I only have two doorways, neither of which would be suitable.
I was hoping for a couple of tips with;
1) Ways to get around the height issue
2) What I can do to build up the strength to manage pull ups.
Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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Re: Pulls ups for someone tall

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Adan good to speak to you.

Well the main things to bear in mind are power to weight ratio, so if you had a little too much body fat, that would be something to consider and you're just over 230lbs in weight so that might be something to work on.

In terms of strength focusing on the main muscles, like biceps, triceps, detoids, traps and lats, whilst remembering to train legs and core as well would help.

So it does depend on what method(s), you use to train as it stands and reducing your .

Also technique plays a part, I:E: do you use a pronated or supinated grip, wide or close arm grip and do you leave your legs dangling or have them elevated them into a bent knee and crossed over ankle position?

So some considerations there for you :).
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Re: Pulls ups for someone tall

Post by Wvack »

I'm a tall person myself... 195cm... weighing 103kg, so fairly close to you... 19-20%...
I can just about do 1 pull up, so you're not alone...
I've been working out a couple of years... but as soon as it comes to wide grip, I'm lost...
I try pull downs... but struggle to get past 70kg so theres a long way to go still...

Keep at it, and know you're not alone :thumb:
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