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Hi, looking for some exercises to reduce hips. I work out 3 times a week and play hockey but when I seem to loose weight hips always seem so out of proportion with the rest of me. Any advice would be great fully received.
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Re: Hips

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Hi Meg, nice to talk to you.

Instead of reducing your hips, have you considering actually strengthening your whole body, because if you're body had another 5-10lbs of muscle in the next 1-2 years, depending on the amount, that would benefit your hockey playing and it might make you feel less conscious of yourself, if you thought you looked a little more in proportion.

Bearing in mind that sometimes peoples hip girdles can be wider than some other peoples hip girdles anyway, so you might have a girth that would always be a bit more pronounced than most peoples, even if you weighed under 120lbs and were in comparison with someone of similar weight.

Strengthening the body when done correctly, is very healthy for females and does not detract from their levels of beauty at all, despite what a small proportion of men and women think and feel, it just doesn't and when you look at a lot of female athletes like shot putters, javelin, powerlifting and hammer throwers, versus even the heptathletes and sprint type athletes, they don't lack femininity.

So maybe that is a way to go with your thinking, if you are not doing it already, but if you would like to discuss this or anything else about your life or diet / exercise, please feel free to get back to us on this and we can see how we can try to help you further :).
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