Vacation workout without equipment?

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Vacation workout without equipment?

Post by Mattyyy »

Hello everyone

I'm going on vacation in about a month and i am very worried that i can't get to train at the hotel. Do you have any recommends for full body exercises for upper body?

I would like to workout triceps - Exercises suggestions? And back - Any exercises?

I'm bringing this kettlebel but thats only 12kg: ... l-12kg-96/

For chest I'm just gonna do push ups and for legs I'm going to kettlebell squats and one leg squats.
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Re: Vacation workout without equipment?

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Hi Mattyyy, good to talk to you.

For your lower back include kettlebell deadlifts and kettlebell good mornings and for the lats and traps area also kettlebell swings and kettlebell bent over rows..
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