Need some advice.

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Need some advice.

Post by dextr »

Im 14 year old turning 15 in a couple months and play hockey so I need some bulk but I want to start loosing weight and gain agilty, stregnth, speed, musle, and stamina since Im starting highschool hockey I want good dry land training and Im gonna start eating healthier too (drink lots of water get protiene and lots of healthy carbs in the morning and throughout the day ect.) this is exercise plan Ive made so far Im just wondering if theres a better??? I weigh about 150-160ish pounds
I was just gonna do this monday tues. wed. thurs. and fri.
-Run 2 miles a day 1 in the morning and 1 after school
-Lift 100 pound weights 15 times pull and push
-jumping jacks - 60 secs
-pushups 15
-scrunches 15
-leg lifts 15
-planks 60 secs
-pull ups 15
-squats 15
-wall sits 60 secs

Id appreciate any kind of feed back. thank you
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Re: Need some advice.

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Dextr, good to talk to you

I'd avoid the 100lb weights, as they will be too much at your age and even grown men wouldn't start adjusting to weights using the much on anything.

If you wanted to do something simple try this.

Squats, 2 sets 10 reps

Lunges, 2 sets 10 reps

Good Mornings, 2 sets 10 reps

Vertical flyes, 2 sets 10 reps

Bent over Rows, 2 sets 10 reps

Shrugs, 2 sets 10 reps

Planks 30-45 seconds increasing by 5 seconds a week until you can hit 90 seconds.

You can also do the 2 mile split run you mentioned as well if you wish.
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Re: Need some advice.

Post by RjMaan »

Hi there good to see such an impressive plan. advice would be to stick with your plan.
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Re: Need some advice.

Post by BT_Nolan »

RjMaan wrote: Wed May 09, 2018 8:59 am Hi there good to see such an impressive plan. advice would be to stick with your plan.
But some variation can help body not get used to one type of routine or workout which eventually makes the effort much less useful.
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