Healing split stomach muscles (diastasis recti)

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Healing split stomach muscles (diastasis recti)

Post by kimberley1991 »

Hi all.
I'm hoping that you lovely, knowledgeable people might be able to point me in the direction.

After two pregnancies I've ended up with diastasis recti, it has come together a bit on it's own but there is still a sizeable gap there. I believe this is what could be contributing to the chubby stomach, making me still look 6months pregnant! :( :(

I'm still doing slimming world, currently 9st 1lb and 5ft2. The problem I've got is that face and shoulders are starting to look a bit too skinny, but stomach is awful, arms could also do with tightening up too.
I've been to the doctor (who thought it was a hernia) who referred me to the consultant who said it wasn't a hernia and just split muscles. When i asked what exercises can I do to help, his answer was 'I dunno, google it'.

I joined the gym yesterday, in the induction I was showed the cross trainer and the personal trainer said to do crunches to help it. From own research it appears these are the worst things I can be doing?

Can anyone please suggest what I can be doing to help bring stomach back together, to tone it up and not look so pregnant!?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I didn't get any information on the induction, so this is all new to me and very daunting :?
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Re: Healing split stomach muscles (diastasis recti)

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Kimberley, good to talk to you.

I would avoid the crunches as I don't think they would be an ideal solution for you.

One thing you could try is planks and side planks and see how you got on with those.
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Re: Healing split stomach muscles (diastasis recti)

Post by Fitafter50 »

Here are a few other exercises that will help:

http://inspiredrd.com/2013/11/5-exercis ... diastasis/

Definitely avoid crunches till you've healed the DR.
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