Tight ligaments (Groin area.)

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Tight ligaments (Groin area.)

Post by Craig8291 »

Hi people.

New to this so please bare with.

I have started back training in kickboxing and k1. I finished when i was 16 and im now 26. I know it may take time for body to get used to the stretching and fitness but i am really struggling to kick the way i used to. I have really sharp shooting pains and extreme tightness in the groin area as if something is about to rip. Its nothing muscular as i have tried all different types of stretches and it feels okay..

Im wondering if any knows or has been in this situation and how it was resolved.

I dont even know if it is tight ligaments im just assuming.

If anyone knows of any remidies or supplements i can use to help, i would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks :tonguepoke:
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Re: Tight ligaments (Groin area.)

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Hi Craig, good to talk to you.

I have no personal experience with this, but it may be the case that you need to see a physiotherapist to see what is going on.

You might wish to look into supplements like fish oil and see if such things help.

However as it is a shooting pain which you say is not muscular, then it could be some kind of problem with your peripheral nervous system, possibly some kind of trapped nerve in the groin area or some kind of nerve damage caused by the kickboxing you have done in the past.

So I would consider avoiding any kickboxing for the short-term until you have had the problem properly assessed, as continuing to do it may exacerbate an existing problem or cause one or more problems to occur.
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