Youtube exercise channels.

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Youtube exercise channels.

Post by CastletonSNob »

I want to get in shape, but I can't drive, and I don't have a job, so I can't afford a gym membership.

What are some good fitness channels on YouTube with videos of workouts I can do along with the video?
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Re: Youtube exercise channels.

Post by Rippedjym »

It depends on what your looking for . Sometimes I watch people’s routines they filmed and just copy them . Ben and Vince have good content you can find.
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Re: Youtube exercise channels.

Post by Fishman »

The problem is there is a huge quantity of fitness YouTube videos and a majority are just everyday people which is really cool. Stay away from the celebrity videos I'm more inclined to google who actually designed the celebrity workout and then search for their videos.
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Re: Youtube exercise channels.

Post by Alabama 1 »

It really depends on what you want . I use YouTube a lot . There are all kinds of fitness videos on their . Strength , Cardio you name it it's there. Personally I like to walk so when the weather is so that you can't get out I use Leslie Sansone, Jessica Smith , Denise Austin , Kathy Smith , Jenny Ford for walking . They all have light strength training also . If you have never exercised then these are good instructors to start with . Good Luck and just start moving that body.
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Re: Youtube exercise channels.

Post by anju123 »

I have think you can follow Gurumann from India is really awesome I recommeding him not forcing please see his video and then decide what is good for you. Everyone has their own opions you too.
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Re: Youtube exercise channels.

Post by coolsonz »

friend is a PT and a NASM certified personal trainer who just launched her channel on YT - Pree Kay. Looking forward to her videos. She did mention adding new videos each week and eventually posting more HIIT videos and videos related to physical therapy - sort of like Athlean-X but not at the same level.

I follow Pamela Reif but I find it hard to do her workouts at times - even the beginner ones. :(

Heather Robertson and Zuzka Light are good channels I watch.

Stay active and good luck. :D
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