yoga exercise helpful for everyone

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yoga exercise helpful for everyone

Post by nadira_chad »

Yoga is a full body and mind changing acrobatic art that gives you a peaceful mind. Yoga practice is a revitalizing exercise that gives total rest to the mind, brain, nervous system, senses, and body for everyone. whatever age you are in, if you are physically stable, you can do practice yoga. As long you do practice yoga you will be more fit by physically and mentally as well as spiritually. But the question is, get a knowledge first. because of its a concept of body and mind. So you need to get training or guidance from a quality trainer. Otherwise, you may get an injury. While doing yoga, having a mind that you doing proper way in the right direction. there have so many yoga postures to get a fit yourself. You have to choose yourself which one is best for you or comfortable for your body. yoga is a mindset with your whole body and mind. You have to get in that point. as long you get that. You will be fit. Question is how much knowledge you get that about yoga. you will get the more beauty about it. Stay fit stay yoga. There have various types of yoga pose you can go through that such as :

Triangle pose
Boat Pose
Crow Pose
Dance Pose
Cat and Cow Pose
warrior pose
warrior pose 2
Revolved lung pose
Shoulder stand Lunge Pose.
Wide legged forward bend Jump into that and go through in it and follow quality trainee advice. Hope you will get more fit by physically and mentally as well.

Yoga benefits:

Reduce stress and tension,
improve flexibility
improve muscle strength
increase whole body energy
improve brain capability
Finally, obviously, yoga exercise help you everyone for your body fitness and mental fitness.
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Re: yoga exercise helpful for everyone

Post by Emma Clark »

Yes, yoga is beneficial for everyone because it is a combination of poses, breathing, and meditation which is good for both physical and mental health. Yoga works as an anti-aging tool for old ones and provides flexibility and builds strength in adolescents.
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Re: yoga exercise helpful for everyone

Post by ChampionRising89 »

I think that yoga is great supplementation work for athletes. In case, I practice muay thai, and it has helped me in three key areas: breathing, focus and flexibility. Even though I only do it 3 times per week in 1-1.5 hour sessions, it still pays off big time. However, I started doing it during holidays in Thailand, some time ago, and since then, it got me hooked.
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Re: yoga exercise helpful for everyone

Post by RandolphRay »

I've read a lot about yoga, even tried to watch videos on Youtube, but it seems so complex and confusing. In addition, body is just not ready for some exercises. I will look through what you have proposed. But, perhaps, for a beginner, it will be difficult.
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