Excercises for the back

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El Barto
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Excercises for the back

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Recently I pulled back out (welcome to being 40 :clap: ) Luckily after visiting the doctor it was't spine, but the muscles in lower back.
Walking and doing Yoga have helped, but I'm also looking for some workout excercises which on the one hand strengthen the muscles in lower back, but also don't strain them too much.
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Boss Man
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Re: Excercises for the back

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Hi El Barto, good to speak to you.

Exercises that can work the lower back include deadlifts, hyperextensions and good mornings.

You would need to experiment first with an unweighted range of motion, to see if you could actually complete reps free of pain and / or discomfort.

Then were that possible, slowly increase the weight level bit by bit until you find the ceiling limit on tolerance, then work at that level, using this suck it and see testing method every time you trained to assess what you could tolerate in relation to the healing process.

One or more of the exercises could be worked into a current regime if you have one, but if you're a member of a gym you might want to have these options verified by a knowledgeable employee.
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