Thoughts on body transformation

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Thoughts on body transformation

Post by Toyts »

This took me about 3 months. At the time I was having a lot of family problems, I felt depressed and was also disgusted in the way that I looked. Fitness and hitting the gym was way out, it let me take all emotions out and forget about them, after 3 months of work this is what I am at now :)" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Thoughts on body transformation

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You should be proud of that fella, because a lot of people your age are just getting into bad things and mixing with bad people, but you actually realised, that rather than let the issues in your life drag you down to a lesser person and change you for the worse, you can actually do something positive for yourself which is actually working.

It took some heart and courage to stand up and say I can't be this kid anymore, because nobody else seemed to want to say anything about it much, by what you're saying and it IS working and you ARE making progress :).

I feel proud of you myself. You took a big step towards manhood and you've started proving something to yourself, about how much you think you're actually worth and it must have been a difficult moment to say to yourself, I am a certain sort of person and I can't be that person anymore, because it hurts and it's crappy and it's a slow progression to something potentially a lot worse.

It takes a big step up to admit, you're not someone you can like as much as you want to and sometimes the only person who can face up to such a realisation, is the person themselves, not one or more other people telling them from a third person perspective.

The fact is you ARE worth it and you SHOULD keep persevering. This is something that can become part of the rest of your life, if you can find the strength to never let it stop being so.

I had to persevere with it for 6 months before it felt normal to me and I was 23 when I started, so I was older than you, albeit I didn't have some sort of backstory to it.

You've got a chance to change your life forever and I think you CAN do it, because I think you DO have what it takes and you ARE worth it man :).

GOOD LUCK and if you need anything more from us, like advice, or a moan or anything, keep in touch anytime yeah :).
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Re: Thoughts on body transformation

Post by Alinshop »

Big changes, man! Keep it up:)
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