pics ....your suggestions

Post your photos and show everyone the progress you have made with your physique!

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Re: pics ....your suggestions

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If you want to share em side by side, you could use Fotogress. Check out before and after ... 9fd77950a9" onclick=";return false;

Great work
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Re: pics ....your suggestions

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aryan007 wrote:
Alinshop wrote: Any new progress to report?
No unfortunately nothing but I went to the doctor and found out about the real reason behind failure to lose weight.

Its hypothyroidism. TSH was 12 about 1 month back. The doctor prescribed me a medicine and told me to take it for 6 weeks and get blood checked again.

Lets see if I lose any fat once thyroid level normalizes.
Sorry about that. I hope you will get better and loose some fat to look the way you want. And by the way I also think you will be good in powerlifting. Good luck.
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Re: pics ....your suggestions

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suggestions would be to have proper and healthy diet along with the green tea plus have some proper exercises.
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