A thankyou to shapefit.com

Post your photos and show everyone the progress you have made with your physique!

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A thankyou to shapefit.com

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Thanks shapefit !!!! for doing a before and after story on me!!!!! now it makes me want to work harder then ever to achive more in life! ....( love this website keep it up!!) :)
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Re: A thankyou to shapefit.com

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I actually want to say a big WELL DONE to you Emily, because I appreciate how frustrated and dissatisified with yourself you were when you first came on here and it was a big step in the first place to admit you needed to change, because until a person like you were can do that, they can't do anything positive, to make their lot in life better from a physical standpoint.

There is a certain amount of courage required to basically say, I am person X and I have a weight problem that I need to attempt to exorcise from life and now you are able to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you have done just that :).

You deserve to be proud of yourself for doing it as well. You haven't necessarily been as active here as you could have, but it's not about that, because you demonstrated that you wanted to do this yourself with a limited amount of support and that's okay, because we're here to help people as much as they want it, but you can holod your head high and say you've done this and now you're a better rolemodel to others.

You're a lovely, warm, genuine and very human person and a true Lady in character and attitude and that's something else to be proud of, but you've made more of yourself now and I am certain you can go on to be an even greater person in mind, emotions and body if you want to be, so GOOD LUCK, chin up, be strong, keep believing and no worries.

You're pretty amazing and by allowing yourself the chance to use more of the inner beauty you have on the inside, to benefit yourself, you've gained more beauty on the outside too and now you can grow older with more grace, youth and vitality.

Keep on keeping on and don't forget us will you, because there will always, always be a place for you in our community anytime :).

I'm really, really proud of you for this :).
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