transformation in 2 years ( video )

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transformation in 2 years ( video )

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Hello everyone , name is Carlos , is a pleasure to be here with you all.

I wish this video serve as a motivation to those who are starting with this world not to leave out the gym and trying to achieve your goal you should follow based on intense training and a good diet.

If you want to see more videos about nutrition or training can subscribe , featured videos each week.

I started with 18 years to do a few push-ups at home, without dieting , and I noticed in the triceps and chest a bit too, until I decided to join the gym to 18-19 dieting and volume , that's when I won approximately 23 kg of pure muscle .

For those who have recently begun .. I recommend especially focus on your diet ! is 70 % of success , and the other 30 % train and rest , as well as to define how to volume !
The defining difference should be much lower carbohydrates and a diet high in protein , and volume also have to put a lot of money , but protein can never fail because muscle is composed of enough protein and water! so to drink two liters of water a day !
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