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Post by apoel1986 »


I am new to the forum and fairly new to the gym!!

I have some questions to make and i would be grateful if some of you would help me!!
I am a total noob in gym knowledge or even protein knowledge. it been only a couple of months that i have signed up and I am interested in taking protein.
1)Should I use Whey Concentrate?
2)How should i take it?
3)Any tips on gym exercise?

ps. i hope this is the right forum category :P

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Re: Hello!!

Post by Boss Man »

Hi there Apoel, good to talk to you.

Firstly whey protein is best when your diet is good, as using such things won't be much benefit if your eating is a bit so-so.

Secondly, what training are you currently doing? I:E: exercises days types of exercises / exercises performed etc?

Thirdly, what times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at those times?
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Re: Hello!!

Post by zroakes »

Welcome Apoel. I am also new to this forum. But I think if you do a search (upper right hand corner) you will find a good amount of info on Whey Protein.

I'll just add, that some people have a concern with Soy Protein, especially men (soy isoflavones acting as estrogen) but I personally tend to mistrust such talk.
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Re: Hello!!

Post by Alinshop »

Welcome to the forum!
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