Best Headphones for gym

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Best Headphones for gym

Post by iliftheavy »

So I was recently having trouble finding headphones for the gym so I started to research for it on audio forums.. I ended up finding a good selection, in terms of sound quality, durability, and overall fit.

Here's what I came up with - All have been viewed by audio experts on audio forums and GENERALLY people agreed.

1. Under $200
Vsonic GR07 - Seriously one of the best headphones in terms of everything, to get to the next "range" you'll have to buy $400+ headphones

2. Under $100
BrainWavz M2 - Crazy sound for such a cheap price.

3. Under $50
MEElectronics M31 - Bass is definitely the strong point

4. Under $20
MEElectronics M9 Hi-Fi Headphones - Highly recommended because of the price.

You can see the full list and details here: ... eadphones/" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by GettingFitFinally47 »

I usually just buy the $10 Skullcandy buds that are available at Target or Wal-Mart.
They aren't perfect but they sound amazing for the price and if they get lost or broken then I don't feel like I wasted a bunch on workout headphones.
I have other better ones for stuff other than working out but I would recommend cheaper over quality for working out anyway cause you get sweaty and sometimes they get stepped on or something.
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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by jgerard »

I really love Yurbuds for all physical activities. I have always had a problem with buds and wrap around headphones not stay in ears. Really frustrating when you are on a run/race and focusing on the headphones falling rather than what you are doing. The enhancers lock in and no matter how much of a hot mess I am they stay put. They have great sound and are not noise cancelling which makes them really safe for when you are running outside. You are able to hear cars, bicycles, and anyone else coming up behind you. I can not recommend them enough.
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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by Boss Man »

These are supposed to be top notch.

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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by susanamussen5307 »

The old brass balls huh? haha
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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by FastFit_Continuum »

I second the MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire! I bought it on Amazon for less than $17, really good deal!

It was particularly good because it would wrap around your ear and would stay in place when working out. Noise cancelling is not the best but definitely worth it for the price!
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Re: Best Headphones for gym

Post by gymcelia2016 »

I bought some Vsonic recently I can also recommend them for sound quality
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