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Post by musculArgirl2 »

anyone tried fitbit?? I'm not real familiar with it but it sounds interesting. Just wanted to hear if people thought is was worth it versus the cost and everything.
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Re: fitbit

Post by thinkBOXoutside »

A girlfriend of mine used one for a long time but didn't really like it. She said the clip kept coming undone during activities and she eventually ended up buying a Jawbone UP bracelet. I have one as well, here's review on HubPages: Better? :) ... P-2-review
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Re: fitbit

Post by Boss Man »

However you didn't find the review did you, because the reivew is credited to you. Unless by "found" you mean oh I had no idea hubpages were plajurising stuff.

What you should say is I posted the review, because then there's a slightly different perspective on your response :).
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Re: fitbit

Post by nayoberry »

I have the fitbit flex. Not entirely accurate and I feel if y'all are serious about working out it's not really useful. It's more for people trying to get into wa healthier lifestyle.

Firstly for the fitbit flex, there is no altitude tracker, so if you're running at an incline or climbing stairs, the fitbit flex can't track those and can't add up the calories burnt well. I would say that fitness trackers with heart rate measures are much more useful.

The battery life for the fitbit flex lasts about a week. Rather short, and annoying, in opinion. One thing that irked me was the time/date tracker. Because it kinda sucks so the days and dates all get mixed up (when the battery goes flat), like tuesday 12pm becomes a few hours later than the actual time.

Watch + Fitness trackers are definitely much better
try to get one with
heartrate monitor
altitude tracker
speed tracker
then it can more accurately calculate your fat/calories burnt

I heard the fitbit clip on devices are not bad though. Quite accurate.
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Re: fitbit

Post by Ryan15 »

I think they are great. They remind me when I need to eat and take vitamins, and also let me know how many steps I take everyday. I suggest you get one!
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Re: fitbit

Post by Nokie173 »

I have one. hubby gave it to me for birthday but never use it until recently… It’s pretty good. I can track meals with it… and it tracks workout and sleep for me. Yes, it actually tracks sleep… LOL.

I find it to be helpful for me mentally. It helps me be accountable for myself and workout/fitness goals. Instead of taking the elevator to work, I take the stairs because mentally, I know I’m being track… of course, there are days… I forget fitbit at home but the habit stayed… I still take the stairs even though I’m not being track… so, it helps me in that way.
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Re: fitbit

Post by Ashy123 »

I have the charge HR and find it quite useful for monitoring cardio sessions. I doubt the calories burned are accurate but I just use it for heart rate and steps :) It also makes a nifty watch :P
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