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Has anybody tried Restoraid? It's a drink mix supposed help quicker recovery and rebuild muscles faster and more fully. Just wondering if anybody has tried it and if it works better than other common supplements used for that purpose, such as casein.
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Re: Restoraid

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I've never heard of it, but having checked it out it's not pricey for a months supply, but you need to be aware of the herbal content, I.E. are the amounts credible and do any of them interact with medicines, incase you need medication at any time in the future.

The alternative, other than a protein powder, would be something like BCAA's stacked with freeform glutaime and dosed with something like Powerade or Gatorade, so the carbs help synthesise the stack.

As for the Bromelain content, that can be consumed in pineapple, but it does have anti-inflammatory properties and is also quite reasonably medicinal for mild skin issues, when taken supplementally, hence why, like Papain extracted from papaya, you might get topical skin relief, (circumstances depending), from meat tenderiser, as one or both of those are found in tenderiser quite often, owing to the fact they act as proteases.

I wouldn't write this product off in opinion, but do be careful to assess the herbal content first, for the things I said, to make sure it's value for money and medicine friendly :).
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