Perfect pull-up bar

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Perfect pull-up bar

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I work out at home a lot. I am fortunate to have a spare room that fits Swift treadmill, adjustable dumbbells, recumbent bike, and stability ball. Even with all these excellent devices I still wasn’t able to target back as much as I wanted to and was longing to do pull-ups at home rather than at the gym. A few years ago I started researching home pull-up bars, looking for a cost effective but productive piece of equipment. I came across the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pullup Bar on-line. I discovered that the bar was available at our local Dick’s Sporting Goods so I jumped in the truck and went down to check it out. If I remember right the price was right around $40.00 which seemed
reasonable at the time, so I picked one up and brought it home. I will be honest, I had doubts.

Upon getting home I immediately went to work installing it. If you’re handy with a drill and other hand tools it goes in pretty easy. The device is mounted on the inside edges of the door jamb and required drilling four holes on each side. It only took about 20 minutes to finish the project, but I’m pretty handy and it might take others a little longer.

I have loved this bar since day one. To do standard pull-ups and chins the bar is locked into the base. What’s nice about the Perfect Pullup is that the bar can be lifted out of the base and it can be swung down to give the user the ability to work other areas of the back, such as the rhomboids, by hanging from an angle while the bar is out of the base. It is also great for beginners who might have difficulty doing pull-ups.

I found that the bar is also great to use with exercise bands. One example is using exercise bands to do triceps extensions. This is a great home alternative to the cable triceps extensions that are done in the gym.
Simply hang the band or bands over the Perfect Pullup Bar, grab the ends of the bands and start bombing the tris. It’s also good for performing resistance band crunches, much like cable crunches done in the gym.

You can view the Perfect Pullup Bar here:

If you’re looking for a sound addition to your home gym that is extremely versatile and cost-effective, take a look at the Perfect Pullup Bar.

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