Elliptical Cross Trainers ARE THERE ANY GOOD MAKES!?

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Elliptical Cross Trainers ARE THERE ANY GOOD MAKES!?

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I've had about three different makes of X trainer from Amazon, and I have found them to be poorly made products which end up either making terrible noises or having bits break within the first few months of ownership.

Many years ago I had a Tunturi exercise bike which I found very reliable. I decided to give one of the Tunturi dealers a call only to be told that he stopped selling the Tunturi brand due to unhappy customers and Tunturi pulling out of the market. He mentioned that he was now selling brand XYZ as they were "very good". Brand XYZ was out of price bracket. I phoned up Tunturi and they said they were NOT pulling out of the market but were restructuring their dealer network.

Does anyone know anything about Tunturi products or other worthwhile makes of X trainer.
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Re: Elliptical Cross Trainers ARE THERE ANY GOOD MAKES!?

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Hi 321Go, good to speak to you.

I don't know of any specific models, but I would suggest you find three or four online shop type websites and compare prices, then decide whether you want to purchase from an online store or a physical one, bearing in mind that some companies may operate a side by side business model and having physical stores too, can potentially sell in their stores for the same price as on their website.

It also comes down to do you want to deal with a physical store and it's staff, that takes time and possibly some cost to travel to, but you can have face to face discussions with about purchases and faults and also maybe a try before you buy system, or do you go with the online store and chance it with the "faceless corporation", for possibly a bit of discount, although haggling in stores sometimes pays off where trying to obtain discounts are concerned.

Hopefully that's of some help :).
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