Vitamin D - veritably versatile!

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Vitamin D - veritably versatile!

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BREAKING NEWS! Research now shows that Vitamin D helps protect against urinary tract infections (over 8 million suffer from a UTI every year in the USA) and helps strengthen our immune system from within. Some other scientifically documented health benefits of vitamin D include the reduction of the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Vitamin D regulates your blood pressure and cholesterol, can improve mood and protect against mental decline, and is essential for strong bones and teeth.
AND research also shows that Vitamin D has proven positive effects in over 50% of people who take this `sunshine` vitamin in combating the flu, whereas the flu vaccine is effective in only 8% of cases.
Fact: the flu vaccine…
• is really quite ineffective. The Cochrane Collaboration published a study, which shows that at best the flu vaccine is only effective in 3 out of 100 people i.e. only 3%!
• And by at best they mean: the vaccine is only 3% effective IF the vaccine manufacturers have correctly guessed which influenza virus strains are actually circulating in a given flu season and are able to match that with the virus strains they have included in the vaccine - and that according to the study authors is, well, "uncommon."
• The flu vaccine can come with side effects. This ranges from fever, headaches and body aches, nausea, vomiting and sore throat, to more serious things like life-threatening allergic reactions. Oh, and if you are allergic to eggs, stay clear of the vaccine because it is developed and grown on eggs.
• Most flu vaccines contain thimerosal - a preservative which is 49% mercury, a known neurotoxin by the way.
Fact: Vitamin D....
• is extremely effective at protecting against colds and flu; in fact, it `s five times more effective than the flu vaccine.
• Has no negative side effects.
• Sources of Vitamin D: Take 30 minutes of sunshine per day! However, for many this is not a possibility, therefore, Vitamin D is available in supplement form, and is inexpensive.

• References:
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Re: Vitamin D - veritably versatile!

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The vaccine is very expensive instead take sunshine every morning at least for 30 minutes. That's better and is natural resource of vitamin D.
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Re: Vitamin D - veritably versatile!

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Vitamin D can be created with at least 15 minutes of sunshine exposure as it is made using Cholesterol.

So you don't need 30 minutes per se, but 30 minutes is good.

As for Vitamin D causing no side effects, it theoretically could, as Vit D is a fat soluable, just like A,E and K are and in excessive amounts could cause vitaminosis a.k.a vitamin toxicity, so care should be taken when consuming things like Calcitriol, (Synthetic D3), incase there's any risk of vitaminosis from overconsumption of Vit D, when combined with a potentially Vit D rich diet and also Vit D creation via sunlight.
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