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personal fitness blog!

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I recently started a fitness blog covering supplement reviews, personal story with weight lifting, proteins, creatine, and soon to be much more! I'd really appreciate anybody who gave it a look and told me what they thought. Any tips are welcome. (:
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Re: personal fitness blog!

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Not bad, although that thing about Fish Oil is not a big problem anyway.

Anything like Olives, Flax, Nuts, Seeds etc etc, contain Omega 3 fatty acids that can convert to DHA and EPA in vivo, albeit with a bit of wasteage.

Fish oil supplements are okay of course, the only caveat possibly being if they are made with Gelatin, as I'm fairly certain Gelatin can actually cause problems for people with a gluten intolerance, but you may want to research that for your own clarification.

So some kinds of plant matter give people the DHA and EPA content that is workable. It's certainly one in the eye for Fish which contain heavy metals, because apart from possibly Lead falling from the sky onto crops, contaminating them with heavy metal, there shouldn't be any Mercury and Cadmium in crops, especially organic crops that goes for Lead too in relation ot organic, though organic stuff is a bit more costly sometimes and recent studies, certainly on potatos and I think onions and carrotts too, exposed organic as little better if at all, than normal cultivation methods.

Crops will however be exposed to small amounts of things like fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, phosphates and nitrates, though organic wouldn't be, but for many I would say it's probably a triviality, that wouldn't scare them off non-organic foods.

Many could argue exposure to such things, builds up immunity anyway.

Fish Oil is a good supplement, but people, (I'm not referring to you when I say this), should take care not to overlook the in vivo creation of DHA and EPA, from other omega 3 sources, when promoting supplemental Fish Oil, as such marketing might be good for Fish Oil, but not in terms of educating people, about more of the nutritional benefits the grower can provide, in relation to Omega 3 and end products like DHA and EPA.

You might also want to look up Krill Oil, which is now becoming a fairly significant competitor to Fish Oil :).

You took No-explode did you? I never have, but most of what I've heard, suggests it's a poor product that doesn't really stack up for many people.
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