Keeping active at your desk

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Keeping active at your desk

Post by DebC »

Hi All,

I just wanted to post something about posture and working at a desk because I've had a pretty bad experience recently. I think it's incredibly important, as well as working out, to remember to keep moving as much as possible while at work. Most of us sit at desks these days so encouraging regular movement is vital.

Anyway, it's possible to do small movements and exercises at your desk and I wanted to share a great article I found that has a few that are easy to do every day.

Here's the link for anyone interested: ... o-at-work/. They have certainly helped me feel better. :D
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by Alinshop »

Nice suggestions. :D
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by prashantopaul »

This is awesome. Don't have to sit down too much for job but I get stiff very quick when I do. These tips will definitely help
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by emily_81 »

This is awesome! I sit all day and I try to get up and walk around/stretch every 20 minutes but I don't know how much good that does.
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by Boss Man »

Well it should help to slightly increase flexibiltiy and fitness and providing you're doing it properly, the risk of injury should be nil.
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by rohanjain »

Take the stairs and get up every thirty minutes.Change your seat and take a walk for some minute.Eat healthy and sit correctly on your seat.
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by toddhicks209 »

The best thing to do if you work a desk job is to periodically stand up at your desk for several minutes. If you stand for at least five minutes for every 30 minutes you work, you will help yourself tremendously.
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by LauriL »

Nice one. Really need these kinds of tips.
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Re: Keeping active at your desk

Post by andywest »

I actually just set up a standing desk in home office now so I can stand while I work. It's made a huge difference to how awake I am during the day.
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