muscle structure

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muscle structure

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Do African american have different muscle structure and does anything change as far as muscle mass programs food intake, or basic workout stuff
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Not really. Hopefully this doesn't get too longwinded.

There are theories about A C hip and waist structures contributing to success in Olympic sprint disciplines, compared to caucasion competitors, though I'm not 100% certain what the thinking is, from those more within the sphere of athletics, or people with things like Bio-physics degrees.

The only things diet wise, might be certain types of food sources, probably relating to more widely available sources of things, like certain Fish and Fruits in Carribean areas, or for those of such a bloodline living in places like America, Britain and other countries, dietry choices influenced by the lineage. I.E. Salt Fish for example.

There is probably science, linking certain foods as being possibly more or less beneficial, in people of A C origins, but I can't think of anything specific offhand.

So realistically there shouldn't need to be any lifestyle contraindications based on the persons ethnicity, just the usual contras, relating to pre-existing physical and medical conditons and allergies, the only one that I can think of related to A C people, is Sickle Cell Anemia, the one where Erythrocyte Red Blood Cells become crescent shaped, and sometimes don't flow properly.

I would think you should be fine, if that puts your mind at ease at all. If you do have any niggling doubts, you could consult a doctor first just to be sure, but I'm certain barring any physical anomlies or food allergies as mentioned above, a medic would say go for it.
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Re: muscle structure

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Interesting topic. I would assume the that the newly found evidence about how blood types affect ones health would suggest that genetics has a major role in our diet and ultimately our body type.

If you haven't already, I would pick up a blood-type diet book for your specific blood type. It would provide you with the food that you should be eating for optimum health as well as tell you about any debilitating diseases or conditions you are prone to develop.
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