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Re: running shoes

Post by Nokie173 »

I just got first pair of running shoes, Asics on Monday. I thought I over paid ($109.99). I’ve been having a hard time with foot and it has been hurting for months. I finally went to a specialized shoe store and ran on the treadmill while they recorded me to see running. I thought I needed more support/stability for shoes but I was told I can workout with Neutral. I went online and saw a bunch of cheaper shoes but decided to keep it because I want to support the local stores.
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Re: running shoes

Post by JeanneMarie »

You should worry about fit and promation more than you worry what you're paying for the shoes.

I run about 35 miles a week. advice is to go to a specialty running shoe store where they can fit you with the appropriate brand and style that works for YOU. Everybody is different. It does no good to recommend a shoe to someone else because it works for you. The professionals can analzye your feet, your gait, whether you pronate, your stride.... all of those things help to determine the best shoe.

Once you've figured out what brand/style is good for you, you need to replace the shoe about every 500-600 miles of running. You can sometimes find deals on shoes online if you already know the right brand/style. I try to give running shoe store business about once a year. I replace shoes every 6 months, so every other purchase I go online to find them cheaper.

Just for comparison, I wear Mizuno Wave Riders and they are $100+ a pair.
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Re: running shoes

Post by InchByInch »

A good pair of running shoes are the ones that fits how you run. Pronated, supinated or natural. Go to a shoe store specifically for running (not a sporting good store) and they'll be able to figure out which one you are. If it's a good store, they'll let you demo them around the block. The first time I went to a running shoe store, I've ran around the block about 8 times, each with different running shoes ranging from $80-$150. At the end, the absolute best shoes out of the 8 was $90.
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