New to running: Need Advice

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New to running: Need Advice

Post by Kraken »

Hello all, was just looking through the forums.

I am sick of size and I want to get into running. I will start off slow and all, but I am wondering is it too late to get into it full swing? I am 23, about 230 pounds. So I could use the work. Any tips and advice you could give a person in condition would be very appreciated!
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Re: New to running: Need Advice

Post by Boss Man »

I've posted this a few times for others, so it should work for you.

Walk for 2 minutes 50 seconds, jog for 10 seconds. This classes as a cycle. Do 10 cycles per session, so you do a full 30 minutes. Do this 30 minute session 5 days a week, making sure you keep the off days split, so you're not doing 5 days straight.

Second week, change the "cycles" to walking 2 minutes 40 seconds, jog for 20 seconds.

Third week, change the "cycles" to walking 2 minutes 30 seconds, jog for 30 seconds.

You should see a pattern emerging.

When you can get to 30 minutes jogging continuously, then you can make things more interesting, like going for 35 minutes, or using a tougher route, or trying to increase your overall pace.
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Re: New to running: Need Advice

Post by urfitness »

I agree with Boss Man Interval training has a lot of benefits in achieving both you fitness and weight loss.
-It burns more calories at less time than steady running.
-It increase your BMR(basal metabolic rate) 48 hrs after workout.
-It stimulate your body to secrete growth hormones to improve your body physic and muscle bulk.
the net result is increasing your body burning ability.
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Re: New to running: Need Advice

Post by DebC »

Boss Man seems to know what he's talking about, interval training sounds like a good way to get the most from starting slowly and steadily increasing your fitness.

Good luck!
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