exercises for building up muscles in the knee

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exercises for building up muscles in the knee

Post by musculArgirl2 »

this topic came up with jocelyn and her knee issues she's had in the past. i've never had knee issues but i am at risk for them due to weight and the fact that house is 3 floors so i'm constantly walking up and down the stairs and also i want to start run/walking at a very slow pace.

so i know biking is good for working out to build muscle around the knees.

any other suggestions or lifting weight exercises to protect the knees too and build muscle in the knee area. :)
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Re: exercises for building up muscles in the knee

Post by Boss Man »

Squats and Lunges will be good.
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Re: exercises for building up muscles in the knee

Post by ultimatehlth »

Step -ups are also good. Start at about 8 inch height and increase overtime to no more than 18 inches if there is no residual knee pain. As with all leg exercises keep the weight in the heels and don't let your knees exceed your toes when knees are bent. Add anterior tibialis exercises also. ( place a broom handle, pole, stick against your instep. Pull your foot up toward you as you resist with the aforementioned object.
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Re: exercises for building up muscles in the knee

Post by Sunwarrior »

Like step-ups, running up a flight of stairs and skipping steps can also provide similar benefits while providing a cardio workout.
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Re: exercises for building up muscles in the knee

Post by fargasch »

I see this is an old thread, but I once had chondromalacia (aka runner's knee) which is a very painful condition caused (mostly in females) by having the femur bones in a slight angle (think wide hips converging at the knees) and exacerbated by weak thigh muscles, especially the quads, that should be strong enough to pull the patella (kneecap) inward. In addition to the stretches and exercises already mentioned, physical therapist also had me do straight let lifts (sit on the floor with spine straight, both legs straight and lift for 12, switch legs). He also had me do step downs on a step or staircase. Pretend you're stepping down with one leg, don't touch the ground (or the lower step), return. Repeat 12, switch legs. I was to do those exercises 3 times a day. (There were a few others, but I don't remember all of them anymore. This was 10 years ago).
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