Some Running Basics

The ideal place to discuss running or ways to start. Anything from clothing, equipment, technique and race meets goes.

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Some Running Basics

Post by JamesVillepigue »

I looked through this category, and figured I would make a thread about the basics for people to check out before posting some of the more common questions.

1) Yes, your calves are going to be sore for a WHILE when you begin jogging on a regular basis. I've been jogging 3 to 4 times a week longer than I care to recall, and calves were sore after runs for at least 6-8 months. The amount of time they were sore slowly dwindled over time.

2) Yes, you should stretch your calves/hips before and after every run. I regularly stretch them three times by adding in one during half way point which hovers around 30-40 minutes." onclick=";return false; (I've been spotted in this guy's position countless times) ... s-22721338" onclick=";return false;

3) Yes, footwear is extremely important. Let's be honest, jogging is high impact, and extremely hard. Yes, it is addictive and get's easier once the mind no longer pays attention to the action, but until then it's freaking difficult. Your shoes are a huge deal. Make sure they are specifically designed for jogging - not basketball or anything else. If you take jogging seriously, then don't skimp with $19 dollar shoes here. These ARE NOT for looks. These shoes should cost a fair amount $50-$100 because in experience this price range gets the best results.

4) Yes, you can make jogging a part of your work out days. I jog to the gym every time I go there, and I manage to get in fantastic workouts regardless. However, I'm in damn good shape. Ease into it. Additionally, make sure that you've taken in enough vitamins, minerals, and energy. A constant supply of fresh fruits/veggies make this easy (Thank God for Smoothies!).

5) One of the best tips I can give you is this: constantly change things up. Change the route you take, change the music you listen to, change the time of day or night you do it.


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Re: Some Running Basics

Post by watkinsc »

YEp keep things interesting and dont keep running the same route over and over again because youll get bored!
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Re: Some Running Basics

Post by Boss Man »

I think it would depend on the scenery as to whether the route got boring though wouldn't it.
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Re: Some Running Basics

Post by ArtzyJen »

Boss, I'm with you. I have a few favorite running routes, and while I do change it up a fair amount, I like the scenery enough to want to run several routes again. We have a really nice riverside running and biking trail that is gorgeous pretty much any time of year except for the dead of winter, it's favorite area to run and I will continue running it as long as I live here. It's the perfect combination of hills, flat spots, and scenery to keep me going back as long as I live here.
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