Elliptical Belt Adjustment???

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Elliptical Belt Adjustment???

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New to this forum and looking for help. I recently purchased a Freemotion elliptical that really makes you work to get it going. I spoke with the company and they told me to loosen the belt. Has anyone ever had to do this?
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Re: Elliptical Belt Adjustment???

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I see no one has answered you which means no one has probably done it. If there is no mention of how to do this in the manual I would suggest contacting a dealer or service company of such machines in your area. By using such a service you will probably keep your warranty intact rather than "tampering" with it yourself. I realize it is another expense on top of the purchase of the machine but perhaps if you call the dealer you purchased it from and report it as a defect they may send someone out to check it or repair it without cost to yourself.

These are just suggestions of what I would do in your place... obviously the final option is to return it for full refund as an unsatisfied customer and go for a different product.

Best of Luck
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