Smoker puffing in running space!

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Smoker puffing in running space!

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I went to the park to jog today. Just the time I started really sucking for air this guy Sat down at a table right beside the running path and started smoking. It seemed like an eternity of me deep breathing his second hand smoke. I figured by next pass he would be finished but no such luck. I smoked with him again. Next trip around I saw he was STILL smoking! I veered off the path and got in truck and left. As I was pulling out on to the road I got one more glance at him. He was getting in to a public library van but flicked his cigarette on the ground before getting in... :shock:
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Re: Smoker puffing in running space!

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Basically a disrespectful oaf, in respect of you himself and his environment.

In this country he'd be fined £50 by the police for dropping it. However many people rarely get fined which I find dissapointing and some people are so lazy, they sit or stand near bins and still drop them.

I think from memory the police actually get the fines, so it's in their interest to fine people.
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