Running First Marathon

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Running First Marathon

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Hi everyone!

In December, I will be running very first marathon!

I ran first half in last April, and now I'm ready to do the full.

I have a training schedule (with strength training days thrown in. I made that mistake last time), but I have NO idea what else I'll need to prepare for this.

The only thing I used in half were Gatorade energy gels, but I'm sure I'll need more for the marathon.

What are some tips/advice I can use to help prepare myself for this?

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Re: Running First Marathon

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Well I've never done one so I'll speak from second hand understanding and you can choose to take on board or completely ignore as much as you like :funny: :funny:

Make sure you've got a good type of running shoe. There's usually 3 different types of running style.

1. Neutral.

2. supinated, where the ankle rolls outwards.

3. pronated, where the ankle rolls inwards.

So make sure you get ones that will support the heel properly and give you the cushioning that is relevant to your running style.

Carb up on something like pasta the night prior to the race, so you've got lots of muscle glycogen to use for your running.

Those energy gel things sound credible enough, though you might benefit from consuming an electrolyte solution at least within 10-30 minutes beforehand and if you can perhaps consider it during the race too, depending on what the gatorade gels contain.

Hopefully those all help :).
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