What's the best running shoes for you?

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What's the best running shoes for you?

Post by FitandLeila816 »

Currently I'm wearing Nike for road and short trail running. Have worn Adidas and Reebok before as well. But what shoe brand exactly is the best in terms of running long distances, marathons, etc, like Asics, or something? Thanks guys!
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Re: What's the best running shoes for you?

Post by Boss Man »

I don't do running, but this comment is based on what I understand of your query and is copied from part of a post I just gave to someone else :).

There's usually 3 different types of running style.

1. Neutral.

2. supinated, where the ankle rolls outwards.

3. pronated, where the ankle rolls inwards.

So make sure you get ones that will support the heel properly and give you the cushioning that is relevant to your running style.
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Re: What's the best running shoes for you?

Post by Nokie173 »

I was researching shoes online and found a place that specialized in running shoes around area. They made me run on a treadmill so they can see how I run and did some other stuff to see where are the pressures on feet. They mentioned a lot about ankles and stuff. They recommended me some shoes that helps support running. I heard there are a lot of places that do that. If you can find one, it would help you a lot.. And it's free! I was recommended Asics & New Balance brands but they have tons of different kind! :tongue:
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Re: What's the best running shoes for you?

Post by Biscuits »

Any of the top brands are just fine but some are better for some people than others, depending on the shape of the foot.

For example I find that Nike are in general too narrow for feet. I have found that I really like Asics because they are comfortable for me, so you'll have to go to the store and try a few on. Bossman also touched on motion control. There are some great articles on-line that can expand on that for you. This ones a good start: http://www.runnersworld.com/running-sho ... -explained" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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