Back injury rehab

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Back injury rehab

Post by akshungr8 »

Hi Guys,
Last year while I started to have problems in back. There were shooting pains in left hand and left leg.
I used to workout regularly and may have injured back in the process. I consulted a doctor and a physiotherapist and I was told to relax for a few months take some physiotherapy and then restart with slow weights. The diagnosis was Para-spinal muscle spasm.
Ever since then the left side of body feels weak. Even while walking i feel left leg is weak. It starts to pain as soon as a little stress level as reached. The pain begins form left hip to and radiates down the left side of leg down to the ankle. Also there is a little pain in upper back and left shoulder.
While standing and doing squats I feel foot position is unstable and i have to keep resetting the position every few seconds.
I need help regarding how can I ease the pain and regain strength in the affected areas.
Please advice !!
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Re: Back injury rehab

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Hi Akshun good to talk to you :).

How do you perform squats?
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Re: Back injury rehab

Post by Alinshop »


Have you ever tried Rock Tape?
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Re: Back injury rehab

Post by dustin807 »

If you have any "hard core" gyms near you (gyms that powerlifters and serious athelets train in), you can look for a machine called the reverse hyper. Many serious lifters use this machine for back rehab.

See this video by the inventor of the reverse hyper" onclick=";return false;

See this article regarding the reverse hyper for rehab ... Hyper.aspx" onclick=";return false;

Chances are you will have a hard time finding a reverse hyper unless you know some serious lifters. In that case, I would purchase some light resistance rubber bands from

see here ... 95&pid=246" onclick=";return false;

Buy that band and practice doing high rep band good mornings

Demonstrated here with a much stronger band than I recommend for you rehab" onclick=";return false;

I would also try band pull throughs with the same pick band I have linked to" onclick=";return false;

As a powerlifter, I always need to prevent lower injury to the lower back. It's easier than you think. I work band pull throughs and band good mornings religiously. They can be excellent for both rehab and injury prevention.
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Re: Back injury rehab

Post by RjMaan »

Sir i think you should act according to the direction of doctors so that your back may have some rest.
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Re: Back injury rehab

Post by tylerr »

Believe it or not I found walking to be a tremendous help for rehabbing a lower back. I discovered this by accidently about 10 years ago when I develped a herniated disc and a God awful case of sciatica. For me, going to the weight room was out of the question....the only thing I could manage to do was to walk for about 15 minutes. Quite frankly it was the only thing that made the pain go away..the pain meds didn't do a thing.
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Re: Back injury rehab

Post by Ethan1122 »

Lower back agony, how practice causes, you may have a craving for resting, yet moving is useful for your back, practices for lower back torment can fortify back, stomach and leg muscles, they help bolster your spine, alleviating back torment...

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