Message For Amber From Me / All Of Us :-)

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Message For Amber From Me / All Of Us :-)

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Hey Amber.

I know that you're going to be having your eye surgery on the 22nd and I wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK.

I know you've been through so many surgeries of differing kinds, but I am sure that each one has had it's own risks, concerns and fears and I don't doubt this one probably does too.

You are one of the most incredible people I've come across, to still be as positive and as emotionally beautiful as you seem, where many could be bitter and resentful of the quality of life they have been stripped of and you never fail to humble me greatly and that's why I am sending you a BIG HUG and I want you to know that unconditional strength is with you right now, so take as much of that as you want to and know that myself and no doubt others on here are rooting for you and we want you to get through this as quickly and as smoothly as possible and be home soon back to your creature comforts, your boyfriend and your family.

Chin up Amber and be strong. I am extremely proud of you for just being you and from what I remember, you are such a beautiful looking Lady and I don't doubt this surgery will ever take a single bit of the external beauty you possess away from you and also none of the inner beauty as well unless you let it, but I am certain you'll bounce back from this and continue to be the fantastic person we know you are.

GOOD LUCK again Amber, because I know you've done brilliantly for so long to go through so much and I know you'll shine again in the face of this situation as well.

:sunshine: :sunshine: :thumb: :thumb:
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