Rehabbing after Pilon Fracture?

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Rehabbing after Pilon Fracture?

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Has anyone on here had to rehab after a pilon fracture (if you don't know what one is, you've never had one LOL)?

A year ago (Dec 3, 2016) I got a pilon while riding a dirt bike when another rider hit, and crashed into me, causing both bikes and riders to rotate over leg. leg lost. As far as pilons go, it was far from the worst I've seen (not the best, either), and at this point I'm able to get back to the gym and on a regular workout routine with some consideration for what the rest of day will potentially include.

I have a trainer who is familiar with me, sport, and injury who is putting together a plan for me, and I have the stuff PT gave me way back before insurance decided I had enough of that (got about 2 months of PT when insurance said "no more." :evil: ) in addition to own experience, but this is a unique injury and anyone who has had one and successfully rehabilitated from it - well, I'd love to hear it!

I'm on a group for pilon fractures, but most people on there ended up with seriously limited mobility, but many of them had more dramatic fractures than mine (not that it was small, but I at least didn't pulverize the end of tibia), so resources on there seem pretty limited. After the expected time in NWB status, and the recuperation from two additional surgeries, well, that leg is WEAK compared to other leg. Add in the ankle rehab and it's an interesting combo to work through.
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